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    產品展示 > TL6126

    Technical data /技術參數
    Model No.型號 TL6126
    Max. turning diameter over bed 250mm
    Max. length of work piece 500mm
    Max. swing diameter over tool post 100 mm
    Spindle bore 26mm
    Spindle taper MT.4#
    Max. lateral stroke over tool post 130
    Max. Longitudinal stroke over tool post 60
    Metric threads available 15
    Inch threads available 9
    Metric pitches 0.25~2.5mm
    Inch pitches 12~96 1/n″
    Longitudinal-feed on spindle tool post 0.03~1.50mm/r
    Cross-feed on spindle tool post 0.015~0.137mm/r
    Max. travel of tailstock sleeve 60mm
    Tailstock sleeve taper MT.3#
    Spindle speeds 12
    Spindle speeds range 80~1600r/mim
    Motor 750W/ 400V /50HZ (230V/ 50HZ)
    Net weight (without base) 180KGS
    Bare machine size (L×W×H) 1160×640×580