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    產品展示 > TL0820x520

    Most economical, widely useful hobby lathe..
    V-way bed is precisioon ground.
    Spindle is supported by precision tapered bearing.
    Headstock is constantly oiled during operating.
    Gear head enables to change speeds quickly.
    High precision chuck.
    T-solt cross slide.
    Power longitudinal feed allows threading.
    Adjustable gids for slidways.
    Equipped with leadscrew,chuck and cutter covers.
    A reversing switch is included for added versatility.
    Change gears has large feed and threading fuctions
    Tailstock may be offset for turning tapers
    Tolerance test certificate,test flow chart included.
    Model No. NDL200    
    Distance between centers 350(520)mm     
    Swing over bed 200mm    
    Swing over cross slide 115mm    
    Taper of spindle bore MT3    
    Spindle bore 20mm    
    Setp of spindle speeds 6    
    Range of spindle speeds 140~1710rpm    
    Range of longitudinal feeds 0.05-0.15mm/r    
    Range of inch threads 8-32T.P.I    
    Range of metric threads 0.4-3mm    
    Tailstock quill travel 35mm    
    Taper of tailstock quill MT2    
    Motor 550W    
    Packing size 1050 x 50 x 550mm    
    Net weight 105kg    
    Splash guard 1pc   Four-jaw chuck 1set
    Chip tray 1pc Follow rest 1pc
    Toolbox&tools 1set Steady rest 1pc
        Face plate 1pc
        Collet chuck 1set
        Collet holdler 1set
        Turning tools 1set
        Stand 1set